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On-Demand Sales Management

Why On-Demand Sales Management?

On-Demand Sales Management commonly benefits businesses that fall under one of these three categories:

They are a Smaller Business and cannot afford to hire a top-performing, full-time sales manager. Yet they desperately need the expertise and results of a top-notch sales leader, especially when the executives are doing most of the management.

They are a Mid-Sized Business encountering an issue where they promote their best sales person to management. This puts their Superstar Salesperson in a role that may or may not allow them to shine, or allows them to extort their Senior Management for upwards of $250k per year (not counting expenses) with no tangible sales progress each year.

Our solution can assist companies in troubleshooting their “Sales Prevention Department” by bringing in an Experienced, Trained Sales Professional ready to get to work on Day 1; a Sales Professional that is armed to put proven sales techniques to work to produce the ultimate, tangible sales playbook that will skyrocket the success of your sales team.

By hiring an outsourced sales manager on a part-time basis, your business benefits from the expertise of a full-time Sales Management Leader without breaking the bank.  This allows your business the benefit of a strategic sales plan, optimal prospect generation methods, clearly defined “lead flow”, salesperson accountability, and feedback that are required for a sales staff to operate at peak efficiency… and you only pay a fraction of the cost of a full-time sales manager. We have the skills, experience, knowledge, and mindset to provide dramatic improvements in how a business’ sales organization functions.

Discover Why On-Demand Sales Management Is Right For You and Your Business

On-Demand Management for Businesses

Why Hire When We Can Provide You With An Experienced Sales Manager? Discover how this proven solution will revolutionize your business's sales operations and ultimately maximize annual profits with Repeatable, Scalable Sales Processes and State of the Art Sales Management/ Accountability Metrics.

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What if you had the ability to automatically pinpoint prospects that are ready to buy now? Our simple and easy prospecting tool works while you sleep so that you can focus more time on the things you enjoy

Sales Copilot

By integrating this "Secret Sauce", your Sales Managers and Sales VP's will have a clear picture of how their Sales Teams are performing through EVERY step of the sales process. It also assists each Salesperson in setting and reaching goals, keeping them on track!


Owner, Small Business

"I was too busy working in my business...which really made it difficult to work on my business. Day to day, I ran my sales teams when I could have been more productive in other areas. Using an On-Demand Sales Manager on a part time basis, has done two really huge things for my company. 1# It has freed up my time to work on more important things and 2# He came right in and started got my sales team into shape from day one with an actionable plan. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to scale their business"

Company Owner, Fashion Industry

"To be completely honest, I don't think I will ever hire a full time sales manager, again. Paying as I go and on an as need basis, has allowed my business to accelerate profits and I am only paying him part-time (without benefits). It's a major win-win!"

Sales Manager, Manufacturing Industry

"As a top performing sales professional, I was promoted to management to "teach" our team to sell more. Needless to say, I hated it. I had ZERO management experience and really no idea where to start. Gil came in and showed me how to be an effective Sales Manager. He also got our team up to speed quickly. By the time he was ready to turn the ropes back over to me, I was very confident in my ability to manage our team"